How to trace a lost friend

Remember those times in school when you and your good friend hung out all the time? Losing a friend is tough, yet finding them again is so exciting. Hopefully.
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They require an actual address within the last 5 years. Chances are they will not do what we do. Great, but unless you pay It does not give a combined listed address.

Names of spouses, name changes Birth, deed poll or divorce death record, dates between address, etc. Facebook on its own rarely provides the specific person we are seeking. Having said that-Facebook does effectively supplements the information we already have. Giving us valuable access to other family members. Anything from one day to 6 months.

  1. Can you help "Wattie" & "Tug" trace their old friends Bill, Chas & Lindsay ? :-.
  2. Are you missing and don't know it?.
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  4. santa clara county california vital records;
  5. suspect identity a history of fingerprinting and criminal identification!
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On average working solidly-one day! The longer cases we work voluntarily on them -without pay. Check and crosscheck: Did they ever marry, are they still with the same person? Were there any children, grandchildren?

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We look at name changes, Ship and Plane passenger lists, to establish if they emigrated, remarried, divorces. We check and cross-check any siblings, parents and any other family links. Take a look at some of our actual case studies to gain an idea of what is involved in people finder searches click here.

Often taking literally endless hours spent on painstaking data checking.


Then cross-checking, again and again, eliminating many false- starts. Or make a personal visit to any previous addresses. Going forward, backward, sideways, or turning it all upside down! If considering using our services-For a start, we respectfully ask that you peruse our website in its entirety. Understandably before arriving here at this point, we suspect many of you may have already exhausted the Internet.

Including some rather tempting modest fees.

Process Server, Debtor Tracing and Expert Investigators

As described above these low-cost levels of service rely totally on software. Which of course only works in a linear fashion. It probably works well if you seek a person who has recently disappeared. Or is in numerous current systems — credit checks, debtors, absconders, etc.

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Having said that our charges are quite competitive see details here. We are often congratulated on our creative and lateral thinking. A history dating back to the s. We find many of our breakthroughs are due entirely to his creative thinking. Having already exhausted every single route, with not so much as a glimpse of a break-through.

Basically and crucial to the search, the client just could not remember the exact year when he first met the lady in question. Which at the time was his pride and joy. Actually the car in question was a Ford Corsair A car which many of our visitors of a certain era will remember.

Moreover, he actually remembered the car registration number. I or National Service number -something you never forget. We suggested he contact the DVLA archives to find out exactly from when- to -when he actually owned that car…. Now armed with this information enabled us to find her. In short, having the actual year provided us the crucial link we needed.

Giving us the names on electoral roll archives of next door and surrounding neighbours. Although some were now deceased, those who remain, and their siblings gave us what we needed. One neighbour actually knew whom she married, and indeed where she resides today. Here we have produced a blog on the emotion and feelings behind someone searching to reconnect with that special friend Its aptly entitled Nostalgia and pining towards the past.

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Email Us friendsreconnecteduk gmail. What we need from you People Tracers As a first step, our people tracers naturally need to learn as much background as possible surrounding your. Find Old Friends find old friends Find a lost friend someone you lost touch with. When searching to find a lost friend You will discover we are unlike most agencies. Above — A Recent success that fills us with immense satisfaction. Free People Search and Finder. Free People Search Online. Provides a step-by-step people search guide, discussion board, tools and resources to find people, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, criminal records, and public information online.

Free Public Record Sites. Over 1, state, county, city and federal court URLs where you can access public record information for free. Genealogy Pathfinder for Finding Missing Persons. Family history isn't always about centuries past. Sometimes you're looking for long-lost relatives still living. This article covers people-searching basics, along with some terrific free resources you can use to track down your long-lost Uncle Joe.

With over , family names and more than 25 million individuals online, LocateFamily. Locaters Plus - People Search Services. LostCousins finds other people who share the same ancestors. Designed and developed by fusionSpan. Categories Follow Us. BRB Publications Comprehensive and accurate resource of government and vendor sources and websites used for locating public records in the U.

Family Links Assitance in locating people lost due to global conflict or crisis.